Lunch buffet

From 11:30 to 14:00 o´clock every day at Hotel Geysir you can enjoy a delicious buffet of seafood, vegetables and meat course. Furthermore the buffet includes wide selection of fresh salads, three kinds of soups, (cream, vegetable and traditional Icelandic meat soup) homemade bread and a wide selection of delicious desserts. Coffee and tea is included in the buffet. Our buffet is local food of South Iceland and our aim is preserving and upholding local traditions in food productions in the spirit of the International Slow Food association and the spirit of local traditions.

Soup bar with three kinds of soups:

cream, vegetables and traditional, with homemade bread                        

herring and Geysir bread


Cold dishes,  five of the following:

Fennel cured salmon, seafood pate, fried haddock, vegetable dish, hamburger steak,

 chicken, roast beef, baked/boiled salmon or halibut.

Salads, always six of the following in various forms:

Fresh mixed salad, tomato salad, potato salad, pasta salad, rice salad, cous cous, seafood salad, vegetable salads, bean salad.


Along with appropriate accompaniments and sauces

Warm dishes of the day:
Meat, fish and vegetarian dish.

Steak cut in the restaurant for our guests.

Along with potatoes, vegetables and sauce.


Chocolate cake, fruit salad, Icelandic skyr (in various forms),

Fruit mousse and various delicacies.

Coffee or tea.


We strive to offer to our guests fresh, good food from the south of Iceland. Often we use ingredients straight from the farmers and we make both traditional Icelandic food mixed with international. Therefore our buffet is seasonal and not the same every day.