ATV tours at Haukadalur woods


Various tours offered, suitable for everyone, including children, elderly and disabled. Tours from one hour tour up to day tours to the highlands. On one hour tours we drive in Haukadalsskógur forrest, crossing beautiful clear rivers on our way up to the hills, where we have a nice view of the glacier Langjökull, mountain Hekla, Kerlingarfjöll and much more. We chose the tracks depending on the cabability of the group each time.

On the day tour you will drive all the way up to the glacier Langjökull. There the group will stop by the glacierlagoon Hagavatn and watch as the glacier brakes and crashes in the water making huge waves on the otherwise quiet lagoon. From the lagoon the water makes it´s way down the hills about 100 m fall in canyons, with magnificent waterfalls.



tel. (+354) 869 4474, Haraldur

and at Hotel Geysir.