Horse rental at Geysir


During the summer from 1st of May until 5th of September, you can rent a horse  at Kjoastadir 2 just 2 minutes drive from Geysir. When you’re on the back of an Icelandic horse, you feel particularly close to the land and it’s beauty.

You can book tours for hour long, few hours long or full day excursions. Whether you’re going through Haukadalur with a view of the glacier and highlands or all the way to Gullfoss, it is equally if not more beautiful on horseback. We can all find a suitable horse, no matter whether you are a beginner or a good rider. From a short trip up a day trip they have a tour that suits you. After a good ride it is ideal to enjoy a delicious meal at Hotel Geysir.

  Anyone who would like to not just have seen Iceland, but also to have experienced it, will have had to ridden through it on horseback.

For further information call Kjoastadir 2, horse rental, +354 3333, +354 8471046.