Souvenir shop at Geysir.


One of the best sorted and biggest souvenir shops in Iceland offers a pleasant shopping atmosphere and most of all a huge selection. Among the unbeatable assortment of postcards and other classic souvenirs, there is also a collection of Icelandic woolens: sweaters, hats, and gloves from famous Icelandic wool, which awakens a longing for the cold. Furthermore we offer popular garments from the famous labels 66°N and Cintamani, the most popular brand of outerwear in Iceland because they are just plain good. As we say in Iceland, there is not bad weather, just the wrong clothing.
Besides all of this, you'll find many books, including magically beautiful photo collections but also works form Icelandic authors in translation. That's not even the half of it. From Icelandic jewelry, to handmade candles, to sheep and reindeer skins and little trolls, you'll find a fitting gift for everyone.
You can pleasently quell your hunger here with hamburgers, french fries, pizza, or Icelandic soup or you can pack a lunch with a selection of sandwiches, chocolate bars and other tasty Icelandic treats.
Of course we also have a wide range of hot and cold beverages.

Thanks to the comfortable furnishings and the picturesque view of the thermal fields, the stay at the snack shop sometimes takes longer than expected.

Open all year around.
At summer it is open from 09:00-22:00 o´clock.