Multimedia show

What does a volcanic eruption look like? What’s the fascination with the northern lights all about? What do you imagine an ice cave to be like? Can you feel an earthquake without having the earth actually shake?

The answers to these and other questions are found at Geysirstofa, a special kind of Icelandic museum. Modern multimedia shows combined with a plethora of information offers visitors the opportunity to become informed about some of the inexplicable natural wonders of Iceland, and even feel it on your own body as is the case with the earthquake simulator for instance.

The upper half of the museum gives you a sneak peek into life on the island in earlier times, through carefully selected and presented exhibits, as well as four short videos about topics such as wool production, or milk and cheese processing.

Hotel Geysir was awarded the innovation prize of the Icelandic Tourist Board in 2000 for the Geysir Centre.


North Atlantic Ridge

eye catcher of the multimedia show is the floor, which presents the fault line between the American and European continental plates in an unusual and optically very interesting way. This fault separates the land into their corresponding continents.

It is essential here to mention the national park Þingvellir, since it is precisely at this point where the plates
meet. The fault line in the museum is like the original, extraordinary and beautiful. It is not important whether you are artistically or geologically inclined to enjoy this sight.