Natural geothermal pool and hot tubs

One can enjoy various entertainments, nature and outdoor activities at the Geysir area.

The first swimming pool in Geysir came about in 1927 and the walls were made of natural Icelandic earth.
The current pool doesn't have much to do with its predecessor. This new pool, has a natural geothermal water and it is approximately 35-40 °c and 16.5 m long. It is great to have fun with family and friends at the pool and the geothermal water is very good for your skin and very soft.

Beside the pool there are hot tubs that are good for relaxation after a walk around the geothermal area. Nothing compares to lying in the hot tubs or swimming in the natural pool under a starry sky and look at the northern lights.

Relaxation Icelandic style is like lying in a big hot bathtub under the open sky.